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With CleanSpace see the quality of the air you breathe. Make cleaner travel choices. Get rewarded. Join the movement to help reduce air pollution.

CleanSpace lets you see the quality of the air you’re breathing, wherever you are.

The app also helps you contribute towards cleaner air and avoid pollution hotspots.

CleanSpace offers physical rewards for making clean travel choices and connects you to the growing community of people also helping to improve the air we breathe.

Track the pollution levels on the journeys you make.
Take control over what you’re breathing in by finding out the cleanest routes.
Collect ‘CleanMiles’ when you travel cleanly and earn brand rewards.
Be part of the CleanSpace movement - a global initiative for cleaner air
Get yourself the accompanying CleanSpace Tag, which syncs to your smartphone to give you a personal and detailed view of your exposure to air pollution.

Why do cleaner journeys matter?

By travelling clean, you can help contribute towards cleaner air and prevent the well-documented effects of air pollution. It may not seem like much, but small changes to how you travel make a huge difference when others are doing the same thing.

How does CleanSpace work?

CleanMiles are tracked using location information and sensor readings from your own device. The CleanSpace app then identifies how you've travelled.

The air quality data comes from fixed sensors. It is then interpreted by the Environmental Research Group at King's College, London University and fed into the CleanSpace app.

Remember, this is brand new tech – and the more we all use it, the better it will get. We’re always updating and improving the user experience as we go along, so if you have any issues or feedback don’t hesitate to let us know.

The CleanSpace Tag

The CleanSpace Tag is a portable air pollution sensor. This is a revolutionary self-charging device that enables you to track your personal pollution exposure and what you are actually breathing in, in real-time. The air quality data is then anonymised, aggregated and combined with data from all the other Tags across the UK. As people begin using the CleanSpace Tag on a mass scale, it will build a more granular, crowd-sourced live map of air pollution, firstly across the UK and then around the world.

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