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Money Dashboard is a free budgeting app that lets you see all of your accounts in one place.

Use Money Dashboard, the UK’s award winning budget planner, to keep track of your spending across your current, credit card and savings accounts, no matter who you bank with, and start saving money by understanding where all your money goes each month. Use the budget planner to start saving money, pay off a credit card, and understand where all your money goes each month. 100,000 users across the UK are already budgeting with this free personal finance app to save more money.

How it works
Because Money Dashboard updates all your transactions daily, you will need to enter your bank login details once in order for the software to read your bank statements. Our application is read-only, so no payments, withdrawals or transfers can ever be made from any of your accounts.

Money Dashboard is there to make handling your finances easier, taking the hard work out of managing your money. Past spending patterns are used to predict future outgoings, helping you plan realistically for the future based on your real outgoings. And by giving you better visibility and control, you can set individual budgets to achieve your personal targets.

In addition, Money Dashboard offers personal recommendations on things like how to avoid unnecessary bank charges, cutting down on household bills and where you might get a better interest rate on your savings. Using intelligent software that scans your everyday spending, Money Dashboard serves up data driven recommendations to improve your current financial situation.

High 5s

Winner of PWC’s Most Innovative Business of the Year 2015 award, users and press alike love Money Dashboard saying:

“‘Money Dashboard lets you take control through one central hub so you know what’s going on with your money.” BBC

“Money Dashboard provides an insightful tool to help visualise your spending and saving. As a very visual person being able to see graphs of my weekly and monthly expenditure has helped me plan and budget!” Sam Zawadzki, Trustpilot review

“Hesitant at first, but absolutely no reason to be... It's actually better than any service your bank can offer you thanks to the results being clear and concise and a multitude of options of how to view or work on a budget.” Timothy A D Clarke, Trustpilot review


1. Spend tracker/ Budget tracker tool for easy budgeting on specific items
2. Auto login now installed for easier access should you want it
3. Compare month on month spending instantly
4. Easy tag search to help split your spending into categories
5. Further improved speed and navigation
6. Money Dashboard works with all major UK bank and credit card companies

New version only compatible with iOS 8.0 and above.

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