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This application allows you to track Android smartphones by using SMS for transmitting the location. You can track a phone even if the Internet connection is off and so ensure continuous “trackability”.
The App doesn't use silent SMS!!! Both actors must have the app installed on their phones.

You can use the app in different situations:
- Track a phone when it is lost or stolen
- Track you children if you are concerned about their well-being
- Ensure that your friends are already on their way to you and so skip unnecessary phone calls

Be aware that SMS costs will accrue if your mobile tariff doesn’t include free SMS.

!!!You can only track people when they also have installed this application on their phones!!!

How does “Locate via SMS” work?

Situation: Person A wants to track person B
Track Request: Person A sends a track request to person B. The app prepares, in the background, a specific SMS (track request) and sends it to person B.
Track Respond: Person B receives the SMS, without showing up in the usual SMS app, and starts the locating. After few seconds the location of person B is obtained and sent back to person A in form of an SMS.
Location found: Person A receives that SMS and shows the received coordinates in a map view.

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