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    About Us
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    With the joint efforts of all Visum people, Visum Pharmaceutical has entered the fast lane of rapid development. Facing the opportunity of the strategic transfer of international pharmaceutical industry, we are aiming at the entry point for international development of the company, accelerating the pace of building a scientific and technological innovation system, extensively carry out international cooperations by undertaking international R&D and production transfer projects, integrates into the international pharmaceutical industry chain, and vigorously develop the international development strategy of export transformation for Chinese preparations.
    As a developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, a participant in the health industry, and an advocate of scientific life, Visum will strive to build a world-class talent team with many outstanding brands, products and technical resources, and with the spirit of never-ending innovation. Striving to create world-class pharmaceutical manufacturing and world-class pharmaceutical circulation will win an increasingly important position for Chinese pharmaceutical companies in the global pharmaceutical industry competition. We firmly believe that Visum will have an infinite future.

    Chairman: Honggang Zhu
    Copyright ? 2021 Visum Pharmaceutical All Rights Reserved      Address:Floor 6, Block D, National Technique Center,Keji Avenue, Xiuying District, Haikou, Hainan, China
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